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Rulebook Patch note 5.1

  1. General formatting and grammar of the document is has been improved

  2. Side deck clarification "A side deck of 0-15 cards (this does not count towards the main deck limit, these can consist of any cards you think you may need to change up your strategy in between matches, the number before and after the swap of cards in the side deck should be the same. This Deck cannot be accessed during the game and is to be accessed only between games."

  3. More in depth look at deck size reasonings

For example.

A 50-card deck would be statistically more likely to access cards you are looking for quick attacks or a steady supply of units at a resource cost consistent to allow steady retreat/buyback type play for continuous assaults

B. A 60-card deck might be for endurance players, balance players, or players who like to use the trade centre more frequently to play/retreat most costly units

This play style statistically allows you to have more resources in your deck to call upon in battle If need be.

4. clarification discard pile "For any items and units that are destroyed or discarded, put this face up when they get to the zones "

5. Reference to "Unit Type"- (this is more relevant for the first edition, to be updated soon) instead of the characters it will be a legend showing the type it is

6.Standardising terminology for less confusion

7.“Level up by using this champion to destroy 2 enemy units in the same turn” reference to what a level up ability is

8.Clarification for battle champion operation: "Levelling up is only applicable to battle champions that are not in play, eg in discard pile and hand, if they are in any other zone they are in play and their base counterpart will not be able to level up."

9. Unit classification icon reconfiguration for easier reading

10.Additional notes for Retreating "Moving cards from retreat zone 2 to 1 does not require you to pay the resource cost you initially paid"

11.Depositing clarifications for Trade centre "Your opponent cannot access your discard pile to put a card into your trade centre, they may only BUY from your trade centre, meaning if they want to trade and access your discard pile they cannot, they can only move cards from their discard pile into the trade centre. The only interaction they may have with your trade centre is BUY from it."

-"You may only sell cards from your hand and no other place unless otherwise stated."

12. Change to defending,

"Only during your defending phase (which is when your opponent attacks you), when a unit of yours is being attacked you may rotate the supporting unit behind the one being targeted 90 degrees and then place it on top of the card being attacked, this is called reinforcing a unit."

13. Movement clarification

- You cannot move into your opponent’s side of the battlefield unless otherwise stated

- You cannot move with a unit occupying another zone

14.Inclusion of "reach" unit class in writing

15.Clarification on "legality"

"For clarification, as we are in development and still building up the TCG all cards we have produced have been subjected, to moment playability. This means that cards from the first sample cards are not balanced with the demo kit cards, and promos have not been designed for the greater game. This means that there are a lot of balancing issues just because of the nature of how we have approached our growth. Rest assured this is only applicable now, as the development of different cards from us at Dynasty have been used for different purposes. Until the first edition where cards are all standardised to the balancing system, we have in place there will be limitations to what you could play in an “organised scene” each edition or version we print is its entity and not part of the collective entity of playable cards we have for the future.

Further, developing points, version 1.0 to Kickstarter 1 have been for sample production only, therefore meaning they were not compatible with demo kit cards. This is also relevant to current promotional cards we have produced for cons; these cards are for collectable and sampling purposes and are a compartmentalised entity.

All in all, at the current state where we are we must let you know which cards are compatible. However, when the first edition comes around this section will be made redundant. "

16. Play order clarification "After greeting your opponent, shuffle your Deck thoroughly. Then you shuffle and cut your opponent’s Deck (be careful when touching your opponent’s cards)."

17. Turn structure clarification

1. Your turn begins

2. Draw Phase

3. Attacking Phase

4. Turn Ends

5. Opponents Draw Phase- Indicating your DEFENDING PHASE

6. Your next Draw phase- concluding a full round

18. Update on All-out-war Game mode

· Every commander gets to access a pool of resources where it 10X Number of commanders

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