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Lung Shu

All the people of Lung Shu belong to the same ancestry, but generations of infighting and
resource/land-driven conflict has separated them into 4 distinct tribes: Blue Moon Tribe,
Scarlett Dragons Tribe, Heaven-Bestowed Lions Tribe, and Snow Blossom Tribe. The
Scarlet Dragons and Blue Moon Tribes are archrivals whilst the Heaven-Bestowed Lions Tribe is
a rising threat for both. Meanwhile, the Snow Blossom Tribe vows to only fight in order to end
the bloodshed as they strive for peace on Lung Shu. The only way for one tribe to up the other
is controlling the resources of their continent; for such dominance will give the possessor a clear
advantage over who takes Lung Shu for themselves. But across the landmass lies another
continent: Jenjo. The local tribes there are also at war with Lung Shu, repeatedly crossing over
and coming into conflict with the continent’s various groups to dominate the land completely and
retain all resources for themselves...



A battle of the future

In the morning hours of a new day that dawns on the continent, Lung Shu, blood and war has come to its doorstep. Adjacent to the landmass, a heartless, invasive tribe known as
the Karikita have overrun the local populace and desire the mainland’s resources and will stop at nothing to acquire them for self preservation. Only the Blue Moon tribe of Lung Shu stands in their way, resistant and determined to defend their homeland. Led by incompetent leadership,
however, the outcome is tentative. Will brave warriors such as Xian Zhi, Liew Peng, and Shu Tun step up to meet the challenge and halt the hostile Karikita, or will they forever lose their independence to a merciless tribe that will stop at nothing to accomplish its desires?



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