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Legend of the Jade Emperor

The Origins

Several millennia ago, at a time when the continent of Lung Shu was divided between
rogue factions that cared nothing about conquest, but mere survival, a simple farmer by the
name of Jin Tong lived with his wife, Lian, in the heavily forested area of Tingnodeshu. They
were poor farmers, but managed to eke out a meager living by trading their harnessed crops
with nearby towns. It was an arduous life, yet the couple was content with what they had,
spending days farming and evenings mitigating their weary bones with only true love as an
encompassing blanket.


Legend of the Rising Phoenix

The Origins

Several decades into the reign of Jin (The Jade Emperor), Lung Shu had been flourishing

in an era of prosperity never before seen. The people willingly obeyed Jin, his rule marked with

harmony and fairness for all. Conflicts ceased and small clans came together to form larger,

intimate tribes that were granted land, becoming defenders of the region and delegates of the

Emperor. Jin’s wife, Lian, was a “Queen of the People”, travelling the land and bringing word

back to her husband concerning the issues that those on the continent worried about the most.

Da Shu had morphed into a sprawling city, its buildings rising hundreds of feet into the air with a

growing population that contained numerous cultures and customs. Jin’s council advised him

well and helped the Emperor rule Lung Shu in an honourable manner that pleased everyone.

across the land.



A battle of the future

In the morning hours of a new day that dawns on the continent, Lung Shu, blood and war has come to its doorstep. Adjacent to the landmass, a heartless, invasive tribe known as
the Karikita have overrun the local populace and desire the mainland’s resources and will stop at nothing to acquire them for self preservation. Only the Blue Moon tribe of Lung Shu stands in their way, resistant and determined to defend their homeland. Led by incompetent leadership,
however, the outcome is tentative. Will brave warriors such as Xian Zhi, Liew Peng, and Shu Tun step up to meet the challenge and halt the hostile Karikita, or will they forever lose their independence to a merciless tribe that will stop at nothing to accomplish its desires?



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