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It's always cool to see how Dynasty started and see where it is now

At Dynasty, we’re committed to offering quality products, unparalleled service, and the most competitive prices in the TCG market. Great service begins with great people and industry experience, which is why our staff are some of the most hard-working, passionate people you will meet.

Since 2021, Dynasty has grown from rough conceptualization to something a little more substantial.

Screenshot 2022-02-20 222622.png


All you got to do is be creative

After tinkering around with game mechanics the original concept art was formed, these were the OG20 and the first iteration was printed paper stuck onto a card. Nothing fancy but from there we began moving.



Shortly after the conception of the "print and play" cards, we printed the first ever cards, It was not a large print as it was of 1 deck. These are officially recognized as V1.0, these were not available to the public

Screenshot 2022-08-24 154416.png
Screenshot 2022-08-24 160510.png


Something more real to the people

Version 1.1 is what these cards are called, and these were produced in more of a mass fashion testing out different prints, these were released to the public.


Who doesn't like holos?

Of course in the process of design we have to iterate especially with all different combinations of product manufacturing. Therefore we got these version 2.0 Holos created of the OG 20 and as you can see this is a framed uncut sheet! you can see that the sheet has a background foil section and then a full foil section, ultimate use of 2 birds 1 stone!

Screenshot 2022-08-24 161147.png
Screenshot 2022-08-24 161600.png


The first big run

This was when we ran with what  we learnt, built upon the skills to give our collectors something special to help boost the growth of Dynasty TCG, safe to say without this Kickstarter we would not be where we are today. The Kickstarter included holos, non holos, packs, it was something really fun to do. It provided more information for us to explore and grow, something we are planning to do again.


The time jump

From v1.0 to the v5.0 demo kit cards, we updated the artwork and had a fresh redesign for the face of DYNASTY, not only was there new artwork, they were printed to be playable decks. Wu Kong vs Jinso.

Screenshot 2022-08-24 162506.png

Visit our card gallery!

This is where you will be able to see the current cards in all their glory!

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