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"As an individual who did not come from a place of financial privilege and lacked the opportunity to indulge in computer games, I yearned for an experience that resonated with the epic grandeur of "Total War 3 Kingdoms" and touched the depths of my soul. It was during an ordinary moment, while the cascading water of the shower enveloped me, that the idea to create my own game began to take shape—a game that would encompass captivating mechanics, be playable offline, and remain accessible to all at an affordable price.

With unwavering determination, I embarked on this remarkable journey. Armed with nothing more than a humble notebook, I began to jot down rough rules and guidelines, gradually piecing together the intricate framework that would become Dynasty TCG. Every scrap of information that crossed our path served as a building block, each step bringing us closer to the realization of our collective dreams.

Dynasty TCG is more than just a game; it is a testament to the power of unity and shared vision. It is a game for the people, created by the people. The original notebook that first breathed life into the concept of Dynasty TCG holds a special place in my heart, a tangible reminder of the passion, resilience, and unwavering belief that has propelled us forward."

Creator of Dynasty TCG 

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