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Follow the journey of Jin The first emperor 

Collect all 9 pieces of the Jade Dragon Map and claim your own FREE signed, minted and serialised "Jade Dragon" card (/100)

When will this event take place?

The day the final Kickstarter package is sent out this will be shared on our social pages: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord

How Long Is The Event?

It will last for exactly 3 months after the start date

How do I enter?

Find a way to collect all 9 pieces to the Kickstarter-exclusive map and send us a picture on Instagram of your completed puzzle where you have signed and dated all the cards on the front and that's it, once verified you can give us your details and claim your prize

How do I win more than 1?

If you want to win more than 1 show us a photo of all your full images together. eg for 2 wins show all 18 cards in a picture

KSJD 1 1 Jade Dragon_edited_edited.jpg
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