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At Dynasty, we’re driven by our dedication to offering a great way for you to experience our TCG. As we keep on improving and updating the rulebook, we want to make your job easier so you can spend more time playing instead of reading!



September 10th 2022

  1. General formatting and grammar of the document is has been improved

  2. Side deck clarification

  3. More in depth look at deck size reasonings

  4. Clarification discard pile

  5. Reference to "Unit Type"

  6. Standardising terminology for less confusion

  7.  Reference to what a level up ability is

  8. Clarification for battle champion operation

  9. Unit classification icon reconfiguration

  10. Additional notes for Retreating

  11. Depositing clarifications for Trade centre

  12. Change to defending

  13. Movement clarification

  14. Inclusion of "reach"

  15. Clarification on "legality"

  16. Play order clarification

  17. Turn structure clarification

  18. Update on All-out-war Game mode

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