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By the sexy man I am

Adventuring around East Asia can be exhausting. That’s why I took a break from my female scouting to sit up here above the city and reflect… on why only the ladyboys seems to go for me here in Bangkok. I need to step up my game after a few more of these Mai Tai’s.


I decided to take a respite from my female hunting and skip out of the big city for a while. Waiting for the bus ride to a private retreat isn’t necessarily exciting, but it beats being rejected by the ladies due to my geriatric shape.

I feel like I can breath out here on the open water. So many islands to choose from, so many women to get rejected by. I really need to accept the fact I’m not as young as I used to be. Perhaps I should just live vicariously through my students, with their biceps, pecs, abs… I’m getting depressed again 😒


This beach is doing wonders for my head. The tranquility is something else, let me tell you. And best of all, no women to ogle after; it’s a complete sausage fest. Too risqué? I don’t care. I’m on vacation damnit, and I need to clear my mind before heading back Lung Shu. If I’m not able to court a single female, however, this trip will be an abysmal failure

I decided to retire from Thailand and continue my fruitful adventures elsewhere in Singapore. Chinatown was calling to me and I proceeded to eat copious amounts of dumplings without leering at the any of the females. I’m actually quite proud of myself. My pervy ways seems to be fading with each day; I don’t know if this is good or bad.


My travels led me under the sea, but no mermaids to be had. That’s ok, though; how am I supposed to make it work down there anyway with all those scales? The tranquillity of the sea is a fascinating subject for me, especially with my students having the swim laps every morning before training. I’m a cruel, but eminently fair on that regard.

As I wander the streets of Singapore, I can’t help but reflect on the grater questions in life. Will I ever find true happiness? Will women ever find me attractive? Will my ancient shape ever fully rebound back to something succulent? Alas, the answers elude me, but hope is not out the window. I still have one final destination that can make or break this trip.

Took leave from Singapore and traveled to Korea. The floating seaweed farms of Wando Island are a good reminder of my aging seed within me, floating about and needing to leave an impression on the world through offspring. But since no woman will touch me, I fear my mark on this world will dry up. It’s a sobering thought whenever reality catches up to you.


As I spend my final day in Seoul, Korea, I can’t help but feel grateful for the experiences and individuals I’ve met that have made me a different person these past several weeks. Despite my old age, I still have much to learn about life and those with different cultures and customs. Appreciating this world and the people in it has an entirely new meaning, and it has humbled me deeply. And even though I failed to pick up a single female courter, I am surprisingly at peace with how my journey has gone in reflection. I look forward to returning to Lung Shu and passing on these lessons to my students, old and new. In the meantime, waffles and lattes will suffice before my return exodus.

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